It Came Upon


Someone has created an animated text recording for you.

The original short animation runs realtime in your browser, utilizing WebGL for 3D graphics, and Web Audio API for sound. Its likely stress your computer, so turning down any background music, videos, unwanted tabs and applications might just be a little useful.


You may also create your own recording by clicking below.


It Came Upon began as an idea for an interactive greetings this Christmas season.

For more write ups and developments, stay tuned via twitter, blog or github



Graphics: Most part for this demo is created procedurally. As this demo is heavily dependent on WebGL and shaders, kudos to mrdoob, alteredq, and many others for brilliant work put into the three.js library.

Particles: The Sparks.js particle engine is utilized for snow and text particles.

Music: MIDI music used in the background,
It came upon a midnight clear by Davel
Silent Hight, Holy night

Sequencer: Javascript based midi sequencer is based on the jasmid library, for plugin-free midi playback in browsers.

Pick your snowfall


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Get Ready for Recording

Once you click "Start Recording", you can start typing your keyboard.

You can hit "Enter", to start a new line

When you are done with your message, hit "Escape" to stop, save and upload your recording

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